We provide world-class engineering
and design solutions.




With extensive experience in structural and agricultural engineering, we offer the expertise and innovation necessary to design your new facility or expand your existing operation. 



Facility Consulting

We offer a variety of multidimensional support programs to ensure the structural integrity of your facility. Our inspection programs will inform you of any potential issues before they affect the safety and efficiency of your operation. 



design solutions

Utilizing state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques in the engineering and design of our client's storage and processing facilities, we harness powerful development software and comprehensive experience.


Structural, Agricultural, and Architectural Engineering


Our principal occupation is with the design and engineering of locations that handle the storage and processing of material. Maintaining a high standard of quality in our manufacturing support and facility evaluations, we provide structural engineering services for Agricultural, Industrial, and Architectural projects.  




New Facility
Facility Expansion
3D Modeling
Fabrication Drawings
Mechanical Layout
Foundation Design



Facility Evaluation
Structural Analysis
Third-Party Review
Site Inspection
Expert Witness
Critical Failure



Product Development
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
CAD Modeling
Structural Testing
Design Review


Agribusiness, Industrial, and Commercial


Clear Creek practices a plenitude of disciplines in a variety of markets, both domestic and international. With experience in agribusiness and commercial engineering, we offer exemplary consultation on projects in varying fields. 



 Bin Foundation Estimate


Using our extensive knowledge in the design of bins and their foundations, we are pleased to provide you with a complimentary estimate of your storage bin foundation.


Ensure your quality and efficiency.

Starting with the comprehensive experience of our founder, Rodney Carpenter, our structural and agricultural engineering helps you stay profitable, safe, and efficient. We consistently provide an awareness of the best practices and forward-thinking solutions available.





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