Facility Evaluation and Site Inspection

With comprehensive experience in agricultural, structural, and architectural engineering, we provide professional expertise in the evaluation, review, and inspection of your facility or product. Utilizing knowledge and innovation, we provide a bonanza of evaluation services, ensuring your operation remains structurally sound and thus operating smoothly.


Facility Evaluation

Have our team of expert engineers thoroughly inspect every aspect of your facility's structural integrity, highlighting any issues, and delivering design solutions that allow you to keep your operation flowing smoothly.



Site Inspection

Whether it's foundation settlement issues, cracking concrete, structural damage, or annual maintenance, our team of knowledgeable engineers is ready to provide site inspection and repair recommendations, allowing you to keep your operation free from costly disruptions. 



Structural Analysis

Allow us to verify the structural integrity of your design implementation, harnessing powerful analysis software to review design components and ensure the safety and integrity of your structure.


Expert Witness

With a comprehensive background in agricultural and structural engineering, we're able to provide analytical reports for judicial presentation and depositions for legal discovery.



third-party Review

The Clear Creek team can review concepts, designs, and calculations to apply engineering experience to meet applicable building codes. Put your design through a thorough and diligent evaluation of its structural components, offering you assurity of its integrity. 



Critical Failure

Call us immediately in the event of a bin or structural failure. We're experts in the inspection and analysis of structural failures, fully prepared to provide you with expertise and clarity on what to do next. 



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