Product Review and Design Analysis

A firm with highly technical capabilities, we have the experience and
skill to help you conceptualize a product design. 



Product Development

Capable of handling product design from start to finish, let our team of engineers and drafters assist you at any stage of product development, expertly advising with highly competent design experience. 


Trupointe Render.PNG

CAD Modeling

We utilize the most advanced software and drafting techniques available, providing a full suite of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D design services. From conceptual modeling to analysis and mechanical drawing, our team of highly capable engineers and drafters are able to provide you with the design solutions you need.

Finite Element Analysis

Before launching the first prototype, have conceptual models evaluated using advanced FEA software by our experienced engineers, saving time and money. 



Structural Testing

The Clear Creek team has partnered with the University of Notre Dame's Engineering department to conduct structural testing. From body sheet connections and stiffeners to door framing and bolt layouts, utilizing Notre Dame's resources we can test samples up to 660,000 pounds in tension or compression.


We've helped a myriad of companies with problems large and small, putting our experience as engineers and drafters to work for them to produce innovative solutions and provide knowledgeable expertise. 



Our team can review concepts, designs, and calculations to apply engineering experience to meet all applicable building codes. We'll thoroughly evaluate designs to ensure a product's safety and integrity.



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